Rebranding the textile division

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Design Studio was launched officially at the start of the year to encompass the whole of the textile division, covering made to measure, ready-mades, cushions and accessories. The future of the business is to offer you a more cohesive brand where we combine the whole of textiles under one name. With the name change comes a fresh approach to the business which has been evident over the past year with the launch of new display stands, new fabric ranges, readymade packaging, promotional literature and our new web site.

All About Image

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As our business and products develop so too is our investment in photography and media. In the new multimedia world we realise that imagery is important both as an information and buying tool. As part of our recent re brand our focus this year has been to develop our imagery further. Creating better quality photography and more lifestyle shots.

Our design team across made to measure and ready-mades see the product through from initial design to product styling and photoshoots. This is allowing us to develop the brand and continue to offer the latest in home furnishings.

We will continue to invest in our brand image and in doing so we are aware of the protection required. To stop mis-use of our images and to ensure that these are used in a positive way, Design Studio has a license agreement for text , images and media.
Design Studio monitor the use of our intellectual property and image distribution in order to maintain our brand image and on-line presence. We take copyright very seriously and work closely with our customers to protect this. Our image contract allows you to download and reproduce the materials on your customer-facing website or local advertising/marketing.

For more information please contact our Sales Support

Please note that if you are currently on-line with our Design Studio imagery without having signed our image contract you are contravening our license agreement. Please contact us for further information and to enquire about a licensing agreement.